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Rumah ProdukDisposable Medical Mask



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Detail produk:
Tempat asal: Cina
Nama merek: Kieyyuel
Sertifikasi: CE, FDA
Nomor model: OEM
Syarat-syarat pembayaran & pengiriman:
Kuantitas min Order: Negotiable
Harga: Negotiable
Kemasan rincian:
Waktu pengiriman: 7 hari
Syarat-syarat pembayaran: T/T, L/C
Menyediakan kemampuan:
Detil Deskripsi produk
Warna: hijau Fitur:
Aplikasi: Perawatan pribadi Bahan: Non-kain tenun
: Nama: masker bedah sekali pakai
Cahaya Tinggi:

3 ply face mask


disposable mouth maskfunction gtElInit() {var lib = new google.translate.TranslateService();lib.translatePage('en'

Bacteria Proof Earloop Procedure Masks , Disposable Dust Mask Multi Layer Protection



Product Description


Comfortable Ultra Thin Latex Free Face Mask made by soft non woven fabrics, breathable and comfortable, It takes into consideration both the comfort of human body and the basic requirements of efficient breath. A flexible nose Nose bar is adopted at the bridge of nose; The four sides of the mask join flatly and tightly to the face; Hence, it avoids unfiltered air directly entering into the mask and thus make breathe safely. Furthermore, ther earloop which is made of antibacterial spandex prevents any flu danger


Item Disposable Mouth Mask
Style Earloop, 3 layer
Material pp non-woven+fliter paper+pp non-woven
Size For adults: 17.5x9.5cm
Color white,blue,green,pink,yellow, black,etc
Packaging 50pieces/box
BFE >=95%
Application Widely used in healthcare, beauty salon, food processing, industrial protective, daily use, etc.




1. New fabric PP non-woven fabric, soft and clear, comfortable and breathable
2. Seamless binding process
3. Three fold design, more breathing space on the face
4. Plastic nose strip, aluminum-plastic nose strip,
5. Multi layer protection for your respiratory health


How to wear the mask:

1. Cover the mouth and nose, and hang the two side straps on the ears
2. Fix the bridge of nose according to the shape of nose to prevent dirty air from entering.
3. Please pull the mask to the lower jaw to present the three-dimensional breathing space immediately.


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